Insights In Healthcare

Welcome to Insights in Healthcare. We are a fully independent, specialist healthcare company and our core business offers three specific services:

  • Expert Panel and Advisory Boards (organising, facilitating and reporting) including video conferencing
  • Expert engagement and collaboration (Physician Strategy Groups and Clinical Innovation Forums)
  • Opinion Leader Identification, Profiling/Mapping and Advocacy Development

Properly acquired and detailed customer insights are probably the single most useful tool in getting the strategy and tactics right before, during and after a medicine, device or equipment is used. As more stakeholders become involved in the decision-making process, as more barriers to the uptake and use of medicines are erected and as return-on-investment is paramount, these insights and how to acquire them have even greater importance.  We aim to deliver added-value for all our clients from interaction, engagement and collaboration with a wide range of healthcare professionals and audiences. This can increasingly include patients and the Assoications which represent them.

One key competitive advantage will be derived from constructive interactions with healthcare professionals and to jointly explore and implement ways for the right medicine to reach the right patient. At Insights in Healthcare we’ve made collaboration between the healthcare industry and profession our absolute business focus and added a determination to be the best at delivering it.

In addition to working with pharmaceutical and medical device clients we are also proud of our ongoing engagement with professional bodies. These include the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine and United Kingdom Psychiatric Pharmacists Group (now evolved into the College of Mental Health Pharmacy).

We have successfully completed assignments in the UK, Europe and in international markets including USA, UAE and Brazil.

Insights in Healthcare - "when you need to know"


Advisory Board Services


In today’s healthcare market properly acquired and detailed customer insights are probably the single most useful tool in getting the strategy and tactics right before, during and after a product is used.

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Opinion Leader Identification


The obvious start point for your opinion leader programs is the identification and profiling of the opinion leaders in your specific therapy area. Increasingly this may be at a national (market specific), European, or global level.

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Expert engagement


Insights in Healthcare offers not just the acquisition of professional advice and opinion that can drive the development of successful marketing strategies but also the opportunity to collaborate with medical experts. We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with experts and the value which they add to the quality of our strategic healthcare consulting input.

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